Welcome to the RSA Fellows’ Hub


The Fellows’ Forum was launched early in 2017 and the journey is just beginning. As things develop and expand, we plan to extend this site to enable access to and from many different platforms and media. This will open up a wide range opportunities to connect and share, as well as new ways of working together and interacting. The hub is still work in progress and we are open to new ideas. If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to contact us here.

A new section worth viewing https://rsafellowshub.org/projects-2/rsa-fellows-incubator/ to assist those thinking/starting a project

Also if you have a moment there is a  short survey we would like you to fill out about the hub. We are always looking to improve things.

In addition to the hub providing an online community to connect fellows and those with similar interests and ideas, we also wish to highlight all the interesting things going on with the RSA more generally. Here are some of RSA short videos on a range of different issues that you might enjoy:

To select from the full playlist, just click on the three bars on the top left of the video below: playlist

The first video is a short talk by Simon Sinek, Global bestselling author and leadership guru (Animation by Jocie Juritz)

“Sick of endless ‘re-orgs’, lay-offs and away days? Why do workplaces always go for quick wins and flashy paint jobs over steady, consistent change? Award-winning animator Jocie Juritz brings her trademark wit and creativity to the second animation extracted from Simon Sinek’s acclaimed RSA talk on organisational culture.”

Aspirations for this Hub

  • To enable fellows to connect, engage, discuss and debate with each other, through additional spaces and links
  • To share information and resources
  • To provide spaces and opportunities to ask for support and advice from others
  • To find out more about our different projects and work
  • To find ways to act and interact with others on specific projects or endeavours.

You can start by visiting the  How To Guide as this will provide some introductory information on navigating the hub. Alternatively, take a look through the links on the top menu. Here you can explore the following different areas of the hub:

  • Forum – connect, share and chat with other fellows through the forum.
  • Events – explore a range of forum events including online zoom video discussions, workshops and other events. If you have an event for the calendar add it here Feel free to sign up and join in with those that interest you.
  • Fellows’ Blog – A blog and virtual coffeehouse to get you going.
  • Ideas & Links – access brief outlines and links to projects, new ideas and activities: Including:
    • Fellows’ Web Links – search these web links to find out more about what specific fellows are doing in a diverse range of areas and on their own individual sites.
  • Projects Wiki – Try it out, add a page / project
  • RSA – view the latest RSA News and connect to the blogs on the RSA site.
  • Social Media – engage with the latest conversations and information circulated by fellows through various forms of social media.

We hope that this will provide you with new ways of connecting, sharing and interacting with many other Fellows with similar passions; enable you to find out what is happening elsewhere in the RSA and provide ways to support each other’s projects and initiatives through this forum.

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